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Why BFF?

Individuals and families have less time to plan, shop and prepare their meals on a daily basis.  In fact, in 2001, Canadians spent 30% of their weekly food expenses in restaurants and nearly 1 in 10 meals and snacks are from restaurants.  BFF will allow individuals and families the opportunity to eat healthy meals

that have been planned and prepared according to their schedules.

Who uses BFF?

BFF is perfect for individuals or families of all shapes and sizes who want to eat healthy but simply don’t have the time to dedicate to planning, shopping and preparing their meals.

How does BFF work?

The BFF menu changes weekly on Friday’s and can be found at  Simply browse the menu, select your meals and select pick up or delivery.

How does the BFF premium service work?

Consult – BFF will meet with you for a one hour consultation to ensure your wants and needs are clear.  During this consultation your food preferences, grocery budget and schedule will be specified.

Plan – Once BFF has a clear picture, a plan based on you or your family will be presented and revised as necessary.

Deliver – On the agreed date, BFF will deliver your groceries, prepare your meals and leave your fridge and pantry ready for the week!